Four Songs

by Get Married

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Recorded & Mixed by Ryan “Rings” Ellery by at The Panda Studios in Fremont, Ca in early February, 2015.

Mastered by James Trevascus at The Panda Studios around one week later.

Available on iTunes and Spotify courtesy of WIRETAP RECORDS.
Lyrics by Jaake Margo, Music by Get Married.

Get Married on this recording is:
Jaake Margo- Vocals/Guitar
Randy Moore- Guitar
Robert Sesma (D.D.S.)- Bass
Ben Donlon: Drums

Get Married is:
Dylan Moore
Kayla Gonzalez
Jaake Margo
Randy "Bones" Moore


released March 4, 2015

Additional Vocals by:
Sweet Peaches
(Alex Lefkort, Brianda Goyos, Cole Berggren, Jamie Maxfield),
Kent Soliday, and Sam Kless

Kent Soliday and Matt Yankovich played SUPER guitar harmonies on “Grenadine.”

From the bottom of whatever hearts we have, thank you to:

Rings, James, Ben, Sam, Kent, Matt Yanko, Will Bobo, Alex, Brianda, Cole, Jamie, Jocelyn Canty, Dylan Moore, Matt Wicker, Chloe Biggs Dudolski, Sam Pura, Grace Wills, Just Friends, Sweet Peaches, Koi, Elvis, Brian Wilson, Dimebag Darrell, and Bob Vielma.



all rights reserved


Get Married San Jose, California

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Track Name: Marie
Be that romantic lead I was many many moons ago
crushing acorns in Willow Glen
across from Booksin elementary school
back when we held hands in high school
and I kissed you on the cheek
and we listened to Alkaline Trio
on those headphones tucked in through your sleeve

We walked home in autumn and found ourselves in my room
with your t shirt balled up floor bound and my heart gone over the moon
yours had gone straight locomotive
every sound scared us half to death
we were all smiles on the stroll back to Willow Glen

kiss away those creases that crept onto my face
I keep getting older but the suburbs never change

My my Marie
you told me everything would get better
My my Marie
I was a fool to believe that I would ever get back there

My Marie, it’s just not working out for me
Track Name: Coffee
It’s not like those times
when I wanted you
you had those giant eyes
that make me follow through
so I fell through
black and blue
too sugary for you
and now I’m home alone
what else is new?

let me take you out for coffee
this one is on me

I never cared for coffee much
But it’s the same color as your eyes
and since they’re already keeping me up at night
I thought I’d give the other a try

It’s not like those times
in downtown San Jose
when the weather was cool
and you were walking next to me
yeah we walked through
me and you
what am I supposed to do
cause you were spoken for
what else is new?

Now you’re singing in a coffee shop
I never stood a chance at all


It’s just like that time in my dream last night
I walked through the front door and you smiled so bright
yeah I walked through
black and blue
too good to be true
and I woke up next to no one
Track Name: Breeze
How do you draw the last straw?
Maybe after weeks of silence
no interaction at all
Or maybe that hatred of seeing yourself in the bathroom mirror?
She’s in love with someone else, so what are you even doing here?

Other girls smiling oh
you could have some fun
instead of wandering waywardly and thinking she’s the perfect someone
She’s so in love
She’s just the morning breeze
She wakes you up
but leaves you cold and shivering

My love what can I say?
I let my feelings get in the way
Never wanted to take up so much space in your gaze
I know you love him and I’m sorry I got in the way
I’ll stay away from now on

How can there be anything after a love so grand
I’ve been hooked on this coffee shop romance
talking to myself and aching through the days
she’s in love with him and Jaake you’re just empty space

Hallway’s sinking from all my pacing to and fro
Sure, it hurts, but it’s better if you never know

I never wanted to take up so much space
I’ll stay away from now on
Track Name: Grenadine
Oh my blue eyed angel
let me see that winning smile
what can I say to make
my effort worth your while
you’re sweet like coca cola
and if I don’t come to my senses
I don’t think I’ll ever show you
it’s worth it to take a chance on me

You’re sweet like grenadine
The Grace Kelly of my dreams
and I know I’m no good for you
but I swear I’ll try to be
so if you like MGM classics
and if you’ve got some evenings free
Why don’t you come over
and watch High Society with me?

Oh no it happened again
Been all twitter-pated ever since the night we met
Oh no what am I gonna do?
But keep losing my mind over angels like you

So have a Shirley Temple
I’ll spin an Ella LP
Maybe some Cole Porter song
Will make you fall in love with me

Oh no it happened again
been all twitter-pated ever since the night we met
Oh no what am I gonna do?
But fall to pieces over angels like you